Guided Group Retreats

Space for Change (2019)

Retreat. Rest. Reflect. Rejuvenate. Restore. Return.

Nant-y-Gwenill, Aberhosan, nr Machynlleth, mid Wales

We warmly invite you to join us for a unique retreat at our home in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings of the mid-Wales hills. A Space for Change is a pilot project by Emergence directors Fern Smith and Philip Ralph with eight affordable places to be part of a week of deep rest, reflection and inquiry.

As the world’s systems of balance, governance and climate spin ever more out of control, many of us are reflecting on where we are in our own lives and how we might change to meet and serve the demands of life on earth in the 21 st century. We want to offer a space to you if: you are at a point of change in your life; you are asking yourself deep questions about your role in this time of collapse; if you want to kickstart a period of transition; if you are blocked or stymied in your work/life/creativity.

We moved to this part of Wales from Swansea after a lifetime of work in the creative industries of theatre, film and television. We have both undergone deep processes of change and rejuvenation through immersing ourselves in diverse and myriad practices of ritual, rites of passage, spiritual inquiry, coaching, meditation, and facilitation. Now, we want to offer our home and ourselves as a resource and a haven, sharing our learnings in a co-created retreat space that will enable you to dig deep into your own personal inquiries around change, collapse, renewal and rebirth.

A Space for Change is a unique form of retreat. We will join together in the beautiful, peaceful environs of our home, Nant-y-Gwenill, an eco-converted farmhouse in the hills above Machynlleth in mid-Wales. We will live in community, cooking, eating, walking, reading and dreaming together. We will guide you through meditations, rituals, medicine walks and time alone in nature, all to enable you to deeply inquire into your own personal intentions towards your life and future. It is our hope that each
participant will leave us and return to the world re-invigorated with a fresh sense of purpose.

There are eight places available for this retreat, all of them at affordable rates. As experienced event organisers, we know that work of this kind is often priced too highly for the majority of people to take part. In this pilot project, we will share food and accommodation costs, and we will keep our teaching fees at a low level, in order to make it affordable to as broad a range of people as possible.

We are sending you this invitation as we know that you are deeply engaged in your own life process around questions of change, sustainability, and transformation. We hope that you will consider joining us for what promises to be a truly special week’s retreat.

To discuss further and to secure your place, please contact us – We look forward to welcoming you.