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Summer Solstice Vision Fast in Nature 2023

A Major Ten Day Rite of Passage in Nature which includes a full four day & night solo.

Are you facing a turning point in your life? Looking for a ritual to mark a beginning, ending or transition from one life-stage to another? Are you wanting to undergo a rite of passage in nature?

15th – 24th June 2023
Dyfi Valley, Mid Wales, UK

With Fern Smith and Philip Ralph, Artists & Wilderness Guides

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A Space for Change 2023

A Powerful Soul & Nature Initiatory Process which includes a dawn ’til dusk solo on the land.

“A much-needed resource for people seeking change & growth.”

7th – 14th July 2023
Dyfi Valley, Mid Wales, U.K

With Fern Smith & Philip Ralph, Artists & Wilderness Guides

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Fall Back 2023: An Inside/Outside Retreat

A creative and contemplative guided small group retreat.

Turning towards the darker times

A time for rest, reflection and rejuvenation.

A small group, deep retreat at The Barn in the Dyfi Valley, Mid Wales.

2nd – 5th November 2023
Dyfi Valley, Mid Wales, UK

With Artists/Guides Fern Smith & Philip Ralph

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The Barn

The Emergence Centre for Residencies, Retreats & Workshops

Self-catering accommodation with studio/working space, ideal for writer’s retreats, solo and small group residencies, dance and performance research and development, or simply for time and space out for creative dreaming.

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Emergence is an evolving art, ceremonial and facilitation practice led by Fern Smith and Philip Ralph

We consciously seek to embody the values we treasure in the hope that a more creative, caring and compassionate planet might be our next evolution.

Emergence has nurtured and created spaces for dialogue, inspiration and change since 2010.

We make art, and guide transformative processes with individuals and groups.

Space for Connection
RETREATS & Rites of Passage

Deep work for the inner realms of mind, soul, spirit, personal transformation and healing utilising nature-based ceremony and ritual.

Time for Change
Workshops & Facilitation

Deep awareness work for the outer realms, group and organisational change, conflict resolution and community-building utilising creative and cutting-edge group facilitation processes.

The Re-enchantment Project
Artwork & Events

Practising the Art of Living with pop-up, participatory projects with the guiding principle that ‘everyone is an artist’.

The world is changing.
How can we change with it?

Our vision for Emergence is to support the transformation we need to make in order to meet the challenges ahead of us.