Leadership & Change Workshops

To The Moon & Back (2019)

Working with the Welsh Government & Natural Resources Wales & Partners

2nd& 3rdMay  & 15th& 16th May 2019

Fifty years ago, humanity did the impossible and flew to the moon and back.

Today, we collectively face the greatest challenge in our history – manmade climate change, biodiversity decline, and environmental degradation. Wales is leading the world in its commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment for today and for all future generations. But meeting this challenge – as with flying to the moon – is going to take new ways of thinking and working together that we haven’t even begun to imagine yet. 

Over two days together, using the Apollo lunar missions as one of many ‘lenses’, we: learn and practice the art of deep listening, both to ourselves and to others; we share stories, wisdom and experience; we study and practice Otto Scharmer’s ‘Theory-U’, a radical technology for managing and facilitating profound and lasting change on a personal, organisational and global level; and we collectively develop the skills of ‘learning by doing’, through co-production, collaboration and prototyping new ideas.