The Work That Re-connects

A Workshop based on the work of eco-psychologist and philosopher, Joanna Macy

How do you open to the world at this time of great change without shutting down through fear or overwhelm?

How do you find a sense of purpose and hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

How do you become more resilient, prevent overwhelm or burn out as you continue your work?

If you are curious about exploring some of these questions for yourself, we invite you to join us. We will go together on a transformative and experiential journey inspired by the work of Joanna Macy, eco-psychologist, spiritual teacher and ecological activist.

This workshop presents an opportunity to connect with our deep intuitive selves and to one another as we move through an enjoyable, safe, transformative change-process. From a starting place of appreciation and gratitude, we will work with both structured and more improvisational exercises using play, ritual, embodied imagination, movement, voice, poetry and mark making.  There will also be opportunities to spend time outside in nature.

We will invite in and creatively work with the many feelings, thoughts and emotions that arise out of this rich territory – from gratitude and appreciation to pain and grief. Between us, we will create the conditions for us to move into a more expanded ‘ecological self’ uncovering our essential inter-connectedness with one another and the world. We hope to end the workshop with a greater sense empowerment, clarity and resilience, enabling us to ‘go forth’ to do our work in the world more effectively.

A Work of Re-connection was presented in Ireland in Clonmel in 2015. The Work That Re-connects structure is the basis of much of Emergence’s work including The Emergence Summit in 2012, and the ‘COP’ events of 2015 and 2016.

The Walk That Re-connects

We take the structure of the above workshop and we literally ‘walk it’ outside in nature. This can be a one day structure or up to five days in total. The walk can be linear, spiral or fashioned in any way which suits the group or the landscape. The Walk That Re-connects can be walked with either small and large groups.

The Walk That Re-connects was presented in Wales as part of the Gower Landscape Partnership ‘Gower to Mawr’ project in 2014. Shorter and longer walks have also been conducted using this process for example the Harvest Walk & Talk of 2015 and the Emergence Peace Walk of 2016.

Endorsements for Emergence workshops
on Leadership, Dialogue and Collaboration

Really good session. Interesting approach and I have new tools to take away…

Great workshop. Some fantastic new tools for the co-production and facilitation tool box. Good to have the space to think about these things….

Great session for communicating with other but also felt that the self-reflection really helped…

Insightful. Useful to work. Thorough examples…

I feel my mind and eyes have been opened. And to value how important it is to take the time to get out to learn, be seen, and be…

Stimulating time out, reboot…

Refreshing, inspiring, enjoyable…

I thought we were just going to learn techniques for reflection and listening. I didn’t realize we were going to enjoy space for our own reflection. Bravo! Thanks!