The Re-enchantment Project

The Re-enchantment Project is dedicated to practising the art of living within the ecological limits of a finite planet.

It is inspired by the world and work of the American artist Suzi Gablik.

Labyrinth, 2014 – Erin Rickard & Sean Puleston

This work is transitory, pop-up, sits lightly on the earth and involves maximum participation.

Emergence makes art based on place, time, and ceremony, which interacts creatively with the natural and living world.

Sometimes we create or undertake walks as works of art. Sometimes we create spontaneous gatherings with people involving creative ideas of prayer, intention-setting, gratitude and re-enchantment.

This work brings the art practice of Fern Smith and Philip Ralph into connection with the principles and methodology of Emergence.

Under the umbrella of The Re-enchantment Project, a number of art happenings have taken place and will take place in future, including –

The One Eyed Man

Pop-up, stand-up storytelling and contemporary wisdom stories by Philip Ralph.

Women Dancing

Women silent disco-dancing in a secret location at dawn on the Spring Equinox to Patti Smith’s iconic album ‘Horses’.

Conversations Before the End of Time

Re-plays with living artists of interviews with Suzi Gablik from the 1995 art classic, ‘Conversations Before The End of Time’.

Doin’ Dirt Time

Re-play of a conversation between artists Rachel Dutton and Rob Olds – the catalyst for Suzi Gablik’s book ‘Conversations Before The End of Time’.

Gatherings at the Turning of the Year

Pop-up events marking the Solstices, Equinoxes and the four quarter festivals of the year: Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain.

7 Sundays in Spring

Women artists celebrate the 7 Sundays of Lent in a series of art-and-dialogue actions, culminating in an all-night vigil ending on Easter Day.


The Conversations Before the End of Time were such an engagingly facilitated space to listen to ideas, reflections and concerns from a broad spectrum of artists and thinkers.

I find Fern’s approach – her willingness to side-step the normal and take unexpected paths – incredibly invigorating. She has an amazing ability not just to involve people but to support them to take big steps to change.

I have been so affected by my engagement with your work, Fern, both creatively and personally. You have helped me to find a voice for my creative practice, something that I have been struggling with for a long time. Thank you.