Space for Change

A Rite of Passage in Nature including one overnight solo fast.

Who do you choose to be at this great time of transition? Do you want to live more closely with the elements and the cycles of nature? Are you ready to mark a rite of passage in your life – a threshold, a point of separation, a new state or identity?

Many of us are currently reflecting, on where we are in our own lives and how we might evolve to meet and serve the demands of life on earth in the 21st century. As a species, we are undergoing a collective rite of passage with all the challenge and uncertainty that involves. Something is dying and something new, powerful and necessary is being born through each one of us.

Space for Change is a unique form of guided retreat which includes nature practices and medicine walks, personal and group processes and opportunities to create self-generated ceremonies. Space for Change offers an introduction to nature-based ceremony whilst being a powerful initiatory practice in itself.

Space for Change is based on The Four Shields – a map of the human psyche, the energies of the four directions and the qualities of the four elements. It is both an ancient and modern teaching which draws on pan-cultural traditions as developed by Steven Foster and Meredith Little of The School of Lost Borders in California.

The teaching we offer is intended to enable each initiate to dig deeply into their own biography, identifying and sharing unique gifts, challenges and limiting beliefs which might prevent them from living their fullest lives. We offer the Teachings of Council (a means of deep speaking and listening from the heart), daily assignments and medicine walks based on the Four Shields of Human Nature; time alone for contemplation, coaching to clarify intentions and culminating in a dusk until dawn solo ceremony.

It is our profound hope that each participant will return to the world re-invigorated and with a fresh sense of purpose. There are only eight places available on Space for Change in order to give each initiate sufficient time and space in what promises to be an intense, joyful and life-affirming ceremony.

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