Solo Vision Fast in Nature

A Rite of Passage in Nature including four day & night solo fast.

Are you facing a turning point in your life? Looking for a ritual to mark a beginning? An ending? A transition from one life-stage to another? Wanting to undergo a rite of passage?

Vision Fast in Nature is a powerful nature-based ceremony designed to support us to become the person we were born to be.

It is an opportunity to listen to the still small voice deep inside, calling us into our next state of becoming. The Vision Fast in Nature provides a holding structure enabling us to enter sacred time and let go of all that is not necessary, all that is superfluous in manifesting our future selves. We undertake this challenge both for ourselves and on behalf of the community of all beings in this time of disruption and transition.

Vision Fast in Nature is a time of being alone, opening ourselves to the potency of the living world, communing with the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit.

Integral to the process, are the ancient and modern teachings of the four directions, the four elements and the four seasons.

Each participant or initiate is supported to craft their own unique, powerful intention statement – the motivation behind their call to consciously enter into ceremonial time. After this initial phase of preparation, each initiate goes alone into the natural world to find their unique place on the land which will support them in their fast. There, they will spend four days and nights alone with minimal shelter, no food, technology or distractions. Each enters the threshold of their own formlessness, and opens to the teaching and healing of the land. Each initiate undergoes a ‘threshing,’ where what is no longer relevant or necessary is acknowledged, thanked and let go.

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