Space for Connection

‘Space for Connection’ encompasses Emergence’s individual and group work involving deep transformative change processes.

This strand involves offering rites of passage and nature-based ceremonies.

We intentionally work with the three phases of a Rite of Passage: Severance or Separation, the liminal phase of Threshold and finally, Incorporation. We work with both women and men (and those who identify as either or neither), sometimes together, sometimes in single gender groups.

Outlined below are some of the Rite of Passage processes we are currently guiding.

If you’re interested in one of these or require more information contact us.

Solo Vision Fast in Nature

A Rite of Passage in Nature including four day & night solo fast.

Vision Fast in Nature is a powerful nature-based ceremony involving a full four day and night solo fast in nature, designed to support us to become the person we were born to be.

Vision Fast in Nature is a time of being alone, opening ourselves to the potency of the living world, communing with the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit.


Space for Change

A Rite of Passage in Nature including one overnight solo fast.

Space for Change is a unique form of guided retreat including one night solo (or dawn until dusk) ceremony. It includes nature practices and medicine walks, personal and group processes and opportunities to create self-generated ceremonies. Space for Change offers an introduction to nature-based ceremony whilst being a powerful initiatory practice in itself.


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Fern and Phil are two of the most compassionate, generous and wise soul-facilitators I have come across.

A much-needed resource for people seeking change & growth.

Space for Change has opened a new way of perceiving nature for me and by nature, I mean everything, my own life, the landscape, food, animals, interconnection, history. It was thrilling, exquisitely beautiful and profoundly vital.

Space for Change is one of those rare and powerful opportunities to face your reality as it is; I celebrated what is truly alive in me, honoured some things that had died and shone more light on all I can be.