Retracing Our Steps 2013

Emergence revisits the 2012 Land Journey North route with a small group of participants inviting reflection on personal and professional developments since the last journey, and continuing the dialogue with the land begun in 2012.

In 2013 we re-visited the NORTH route of the original Land Journey.

Taking time to walk and reflect is an opportunity often missed in our fast-paced technology-driven world. On 29th August Emergence participants completed a five day walk retracing the beautiful and varied North route of the 2012 Emergence Land Journey. This facilitated walk provided an opening for a deepened dialogue with the land and our place within it by engaging both mind and body in its journey across mid-Wales.

This project which we hope might become an annual event, retraced the route of the original 2012 five day Emergence Land Journey through mid Wales. It was an opportunity to participate in a walking dialogue informed and influenced by the great landscape through which we moved. The walk followed a route which begins and ends near the Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth and climbs Cader Idris the great Summits of this remote and expansive part of Wales. People were invited to join the journey for as little as one day or all five, picking up and continuing the threads of the dialogue. The walk was offered as a space to slow down, re-wild, reflect, explore creative ideas and co-create projects in service of life on earth.

The journey took place between 25th and 29th August 2013.

The invitation was to join a qualified mountain leader and co-creators of the Emergence Summit Fern Smith and Lucy Neal for as little as one day or all five. It offered a chance to connect with others and to share where we were collectively and individually in this time of great transition. The journey followed the original route of the Emergence Land Journey and was made accessible to those unable to commit to walking the entire route. Evenings saw an opportunity to meet and cook together, share stories and ‘pop-up’ creative activities.

The dates and routes were as follows;
Day 1 August 25th Pantperthog
(nr Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth) to Ynysymaengwyn (nr Twyn)

Day 2 August 26th
Ynysymaengwyn (nr Twyn) to Llanllwyda(Nr Abergynolwyn)

Day 3 August 27th
Llanllwyda (nr Abergynolwyn) to Dolgellau (via Cader Idris)

Day 4 August 28th Dolgellau to Aberllefeni (wild camping)

Day 5 August 29th
Aberllefeni to Pantperthog (nr Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth)


“This is really a very historic occasion for us in terms of telling the story of our time and questioning the values that we live by”

Lucy Neal

“Reconnecting with the land is reconnecting with ourselves…pushing ourselves beyong our comfort zone forces us to discover aspects of ourselves we never knew we had”

Eleanor Flaherty, Mountain Leader