Emergence at World Stage Design Festival

Emergence curates a day of events, film shows, discussions as part of the biennial WSD Festival held at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff.

A day of Emergence events looking at sustainable creative practice in Wales at the World Stage Design Festival, Cardiff, Friday 13th September 2013.

The World Stage Design Festival comes to Cardiff from 5th to 15th September 2013. Hosted by Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama WSD2013 is a celebration of international performance design from the world of theatre, opera and dance. This international festival includes performances, talks, seminars and exhibitions from individual artists, companies, designers and organisations all exploring sustainability and creative practice.

Following on from the Emergence Summit in 2012 and as part of WSD2013, Emergence is hosting a day of events looking at sustainable creative practice in Wales on Friday 13th September.

Tickets for the festival are available via the World Stage Design Festival website.

The Programme

9.30am Creu Cymru Emergence (presentation)
The Creu Cymru Emergence project is working in partnership with Julie’s Bicycle, Cardiff University and Cynnal Cymru to support a network of eighteen theatres and arts centres across Wales. The project aims to effect behaviour change and enable the participants to become more resilient by considering the challenges and opportunities of making sustainability intrinsic to their thinking and practice.
This session is designed to look at the way networks and collaboration can enhance sustainable practice, it will be an opportunity to share best practice, find out more about the Creu Cymru Emergence project and discuss some of the specific challenges facing theatres and arts centres.

1.30pm Doin’ Dirt Time (performance)
Emergence presents a performance of Suzi Gablik’s Doin’ Dirt Time. This provocative performance raises questions about the traditional role of the arts in society, as two artists dedicate themselves to a radical new art form: living life as a sacred act. An experiment in future-oriented, stripped-back theatre by Fern Smith, Philip Ralph and Rhodri Thomas.

2.30pm World Café (participatory inquiry)
Emergence facilitates a ‘World Café’ conversation which focuses on the role of the arts and artists as change-makers. This will be an invaluable opportunity to meet and share with other designers, theatre makers, producing and receiving houses and to follow a line of enquiry in an open, honest and structured manner.

4.30pm Walking to the Summit (film)
Shot in mid Wales at the 2012 Emergence Summit and the Centre for Alternative Technology, Walking to the Summit is a beautifully-composed film which captures the movement and the stillness of a journey, and the breathtaking beauty of the country through which it moves.
The Emergence Summit brought together artists and pioneers to ‘create the future,’ visioning a world in which people and the planet matter as the top priority. Walking to the Summit is a fascinating document of the group of forty artists who made a commitment to stand up for sustainability by walking the Emergence Land Journey, traversing some of the most challenging and least-inhabited areas of Wales.


“I love the fact that when we talk about what inspires us we always start with the very personal”

World Café participant

“Watching the film of ‘Walking to the Summit’ made me feel as though I was right there. It takes you on such a journey”