COParty (22) Swansea

The world leaders came together in October 2017 at COP 22 in Marakech. To show our support for the process and keep the engagement with climate issues going on at a local level we organised COParty (22) Swansea.

The event followed on from the three COP (21) Swansea gatherings we ran in 2016 during the key Climate Talks in Paris. To keep the momentum up, and to share some of the incredible energy, food and community projects going on locally we organised COParty (22) Swansea to coincide with the final day of COP 22, the world Climate Negotiations.

COParty (22) offered a space to network, support one another and celebrate! It gave people a chance to get together, share information, and hear about pioneering local ecological and social justice projects. We wanted as many people who support and resonate with the issues being discussed at COP 22 in Marakech to be gathered together in one place. We had around 200 guests and contributors attending who enjoyed live music, talks, films, dancing, performance, ‘pop-up’ participatory activities and vegetarian food.

This was a chance also for representatives from the many amazing local low impact living and social and environmental justice projects to talk about their projects.

All profits from the event went to Swansea Foodbanks. We wrote a BLOG about COParty(22) Swansea. You can read it here.

Projects represented at COParty (22) Swansea included:

Awel Aman Tawe

Award-winning Community Energy fund which established two gigantic wind turbines in the Swansea Valley.

Cae Tan

A community supported agriculture project, growing food for over 90 Swansea and Gower households & also providing training, volunteering & learning in sustainable farming to schools, colleges & the public.

Down To Earth

Renewable building and sustainable education.


Citizen engagement and grassroots democracy, helping people turn good ideas into meaningful actions.

Swansea News Network

A start up, not for profit, community journalism project.

Gaian Ecovillage Community

A vision for community living.

Gower Power/SCEES

Renewable energy specialists and community energy company.

Environment Centre